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Adams12 TL Priorities Diagram

Link to K-8 Digital Literacy lessons from Education for All Children.

Brainstorm session with K-8 TLs, May 2011

Angie K's Literacy Calendar for K-5, Nov. 2011:

Angie K's 3rd grade standards template example:

Continuum of Digital Literacy Skills for Teacher-Librarians
Template for Standards Work for Content Areas

Good instruction using the Teaching/Learning Cycle:
1. What do students need to know, understand, and be able to do?
2. How will you teach to ensure learning?
3. How will you assess mastery of the skill and knowledge?
4. How will you reteach?
At each grade level, the skills that need to be taught are ranked. The T-L determines whether the students need the skill to be introduced, to be reinforced from prior learning, or if they have mastered the skill - to transfer the skill to another context.